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How to help Taobao to make money

…I took the chocolate and stared at Aguri-san’s eyes directly. Then, I spoke up with an incredibly refreshing smile.

“I’ll murder you.”

“Is that how you react to a girl that just gave you chocolate!?”

Aguri-san leaned forward and tried to take back the chocolate.

“I-If you’re reacting like that, I’m taking back the Black Thunder!”

“Nope, I’m taking it.”

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I took the Black Thunder and stared at the package.

“…Actually, I do love it.”

“Eh, you mean me?”


“Amanocchi, you’re really sly these days!”

“Aguri-san, you’re having too much fun pretending to be the main heroine!”

We started bickering with each other furiously. It’s so violent that you won’t think that she just gave me chocolate.

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…Sheesh, the first chocolate in my high school is way too depressing.

…But, whatever. …Sigh.

After I’m done yelling, I turned my head away and answered her.

“…How should I say this? Thanks…for giving me chocolate. …I’m relieved.”

“Relieved? Well, even though I don’t really understand, whatever. …It’s fine if you’re happy.”