Is it true that online auction words make money?

Is it true that online auction words make money?

Huang Wang helplessly raised his muscular arm to scratch his head. “Actually, this is a mistaken rumor. I was very weak before I started playing esports professionally.”

The host was obviously stunned. “Huh? Then how did you become like that, Huang Wang?”

Huang Wang laughed. “I used to train at DGE Club, where all the members were forced to work out. What’s more, the person who lost the most was made to do the most extra training. I was the one who had to do the most extra training back then.”

The host was even more shocked now. “Huh? The person who lost the most had to do the most extra training? The other team members...”

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Huang Wang nodded. “That’s right. I was actually the lousiest member in both teams. Nine other people are much better than me!”

Still shocked, the host asked, “Huang Wang, you only trained for a few months and became like that? Your training must have been very effective. Which gym did you go to?”

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Huang Wang smiled. “Deposit Fitness, of course!”

Pei Qian: “?”

All of a sudden, he realized that something was wrong.

On further thought, Pei Qian realized that all of DGE’s members had already been sold to the other teams, but each of their bodies looked very outstanding!

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The members of the other clubs had also started working out, but too little time had passed for there to be any obvious results.

On the other hand, DGE’s athletes looked much better than everyone else! One look, and the audience would be able to identify them!

Weren’t they akin to walking billboards?

As GOG’s international invitational tournament continued to become more popular, the audience would be able to identify the DGE member each time they walked up on stage. Then, if those members performed exceedingly well during the competitions and won the ‘Most Valuable Player’ prize...

Wouldn’t DGE Club’s and Deposit Fitness’ popularity shoot through the roof?!

Sponsors would not start approaching DGE, would they?

Things looked more dangerous for Deposit Fitness. If even young teenage addicts could look like that, what about everyone else?