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My father, my mother, and Sadiz seemed to be satisfied with my words.

No good. Is it because I’m so cynical about it?

I felt that the three of them were satisfied just because I worked hard, and don’t expect me to win the championship.

I’m not just working hard. I really want to win.

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There’s also Sadiz’s reward, but that’s not all.

I want to show everyone my strength and surprise them. That’s why I’m working so hard.

But in the first place, all three...

“But Rebal and Fu seem really strong. You’re prepared for that, right?”

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What’s that?

I know. They are stronger.

Are you trying to say, ‘Don’t be disappointed even if there is too much difference in ability’?

“Yes. So don’t overdo it. No matter what the outcome is, both your father and mother are watching you, aiming to win the championship.”

What’s that?

Again, that smile says ‘satisfied with words alone’.

“Then, let’s have a big feast on the day of the game. On that day, I’ll make all your favorites.”