How to sell sanitary napkins online

How to sell sanitary napkins online

"Sorry. Sakura said she didn't have the courage to meet with only the two of you so I was asked to be here. Please don't mind me".

Saying that surely won't make him feel comfortable, but Yamauchi has no other choice but to switch over to this.

For a moment I thought something was suspicious, but Yamauchi was desperately attempting to focus on the Sakura in front of his eyes.

"S-sorry for keeping you waiting, you read my letter".

"Yes.....umm......please let me ask just one thing".

"You can ask me anything.....".

Sakura tightens her grip on her skirt and squeezes out a voice from inside her throat.

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"W-why do you There are plenty of people, cuter than me......".

"I prefer Sakura!".

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Just like that, he screamed it out. Sakura's shoulders jumped as she flinched.

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to use a loud voice.....s-so what's your answer?".

A clumsy answer to a clumsy confession.

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Since I happened to be listening in on someone else's affairs, I ended up thinking they should say this or that to make it better. But for the man himself, he's nervous enough that his heart is about to leap out of his mouth so he's not in much of a position to think properly. No matter what, he is unable to choose the best option.