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Other than him, though, there was a quiet girl wearing glasses. At one point, Ike was interested in her because he was going off about breasts, but since she was plain and didn’t particularly stand out, no one had any interest in her afterwards. She was always alone, and she never talked.

Like every other day, she was eating her bento alone with her back hunched. She was one of the few that made her own bentos.

And then, my neighbor took out a bento from her bag and started opening it.

Lately, Horikita hasn’t been going to the cafeteria, and instead, brought homemade bentos.

“Don’t you need a lot of time and effort to make your own bento?”

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Although it’s not a luxurious thing to do, but there are relief measures in the cafeteria for students who have used up all their points. Since it takes time and costs some points to make your own bento, the free meal seems like the better option.

“I don’t know. The supermarket also has free ingredients, you know.”

“You made this with free ingredients?”

Without denying it, Horikita opened her bento. It didn’t have a lot of meat or fried foods, but it looked pretty good.

“Are you good at cooking as well? It doesn’t really fit with your character.”

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“Anyone can cook after reading books or looking things up on the internet. All the dorms have the necessary tools as well.”

Without bragging about her skills, she took out her chopsticks. I guess she replied like that because she thought it was obvious.

“But why’d you decide to make your own bento?”