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“By the way, Kiriyama, why did you get involved with this today?”

“…What do you mean?”

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“When the 1st and 2nd years requested to enter the student council you had no intention to attend. But this time when Horikita Suzune said she wanted to meet me, you showed up. It’s weird isn’t it?”

Nagumo said those words towards the end of the conversation.

It was like those words were for me, who was preparing to go back, to hear. At the last second, the unexpected statement suddenly broke the flow. Of course, I wouldn’t know why Kiriyama was here, but he seemed to be shaken.

“I just was interested in Horikita-senpai’s little sister, anything wrong with that?”

Although Kiriyama calmly answered Nagumo’s question, his voice was a bit sharp from his nervousness.

Nagumo happily laughed out loud, apparently that was interesting.

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“It’s nothing, nothing. Don’t mind it.”

After seeing that reaction, as if it were enough, Nagumo didn’t pursue the matter any further.

“Then, Suzune, I want to introduce you to the student council members outside of Kiriyama. You stay right here.”

“I understand.”

There was no reason for me to stay here anymore, as I refused to join the student council.