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“You’re not satisfied with this at all... no way, so freaking amazing.”

“Then, next is speed!”

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I’ll do anything. And even one is fine. I want to find something where I’m second to none.

I’ve been saying, sooner or later, I was going to be a big shot in the world with enthusiasm. but if I can’t even win a single record in a dojo in a country, in general, it’ll be nothing more than big talk.

“Speed, oh, that’s good! Let’s do it!”

I am confident in my speed. Thanks to having learned many steps, I am able to perform “sharp acceleration”.

“Then, the speed measurement is outdoors, let’s move outside.”

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Next time, for sure.... that’s what I thought, but...

“By the way, Karui. Is it wise to be so carefree?”

“Yes? What’s going on? High Priestess”

“Should thou not be in school by now?”

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“Huh? ......”