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Editing, retranslation, and TLC by Graze and Confused Translations

I can still vividly remember the shock I felt that day.

Of the cruel reality that presented itself to me without warning.

The light of the evening sun shining throughout the old apartment.

A long, large shadow slowly swinging from side to side like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.

Despite looking straight at it, I couldn’t understand a thing.

That warm hand that would caress my head.

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That gentle smile that healed my soul.

That sincere gaze that taught me admiration.

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That silent, blank expression that brought me to the edge of despair.

A strong, gentle person who worked harder than anybody else without ever giving up.

In no way is it right for such a person to forever remain unable to grasp hold of their dream.

Of course, I am well aware that I’m contradicting myself here.

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But I can’t forgive.

It’s difficult for one to fight while burdened with feelings of guilt.

Therefore, they assert their legitimacy and fight under the banner of their own brand of ‘justice’ instead.

And as long as they have that justice… As long as they cling onto that very conviction, they can continue to fight.

But I, with my own fragile heart, simply cannot support such a ‘justice’.