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A small investment to make money online work

What’s more, this was just profit for one day.

In the next week or even the next month, these downloadable content would continue to generate profits. In the next few days, as their influence spread, sales might even show signs of increasing!

Pei Qian was confused.

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What the f*ck was going on?!

He could not understand the current situation. How long had these two games been out for? They should have been all dusty in the gamers’ game library, right?

What was the meaning of holding on to these two lousy games all the time? Why did you keep buying the downloadable content of the game? Are you crazy?!

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Pei Qian decided to make downloadable content for these old games with two intentions:

The first intention was to disperse the manpower of Shang Yang Games so that Wang Xiaobin, who was not good at playing games, could make the downloadable content. That would allow GOG’s overseas operations to slow down slightly and give IOI some breathing space.

The second intention was because he felt that no one would play the old game anymore. Thus, he had secretly updated the downloadable content so that he could spend money without generating sales volume. It was the best of both worlds.

The result was that he had completely mistaken the entire situation!

The sales volume was ridiculous!

Pei Qian’s greatest feeling now was being confused and lost.

Didn’t they say that Wang Xiaobin was not good at designing gameplay? Didn’t they say that no one would play the old games anymore?

So what was happening now?

Pei Qian scrolled through the forum with confusion and saw a passionate comment from a certain player.

“Tengda Games: A perfect example of sincerity in creating a win-win situation!”

“When I heard that The Lonely Desert Road and Game Designer had updated their downloadable content yesterday, my first reaction was disbelief. These two games have been outdated for a long time. What’s more, the games themselves are already free. Is there a need for another downloadable content? Can they really make money?”