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Yamauchi could only believe that Sakayanagi wouldn’t go back on her word. There was nothing else he could do.

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He must have reached out to Sakayanagi many times last night to ensure everything would still go as he expected it to.

“My my, you must be so reassured, then. It seems that the censure vote I cast for you was meaningless.”

“That’s right, it was meaningless! Meaningless!”

“Be quiet, Yamauchi. I could hear your shouting from out in the hallway.”

Just then, Chabashira arrived.

“I’ve kept all of you waiting. I’ll get along with announcing the results for Class C. Please find your seats.”

The time of judgment had finally come.

Very soon, one student would be expelled from this class.

Would it be Yamauchi, who was telling himself that everything would be okay?

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Would it be Sudō or Ike, one of the secondary candidates for expulsion?

Would it be Hirata, who was patiently waiting for the results to be announced?

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Would it be Kōenji, who was as inattentive as always?

Would it be Horikita or me, as we quietly watched over the classroom?

Or, would it end up being someone else entirely?