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"Hurry it up, Ike".

While spreading his towel and pretending to change, Sudou urged on the Ike who was crouching down in front of the vent. Ike firstly brought out the radio controlled car and the driver set that was wrapped in a bath towel, then removed the metal fixings attached to the entrance of the underfloor vent. Then he quickly activated the radio controlled car and started to operate it.

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The small machine equipped with a penlight, while transmitting the path to the monitor, proceeds forward.

"S-Shit! As expected, it's dark!".

If it's only the penlight lighting the path, the ventilation opening is far too dark and the visibility on the monitor got worse. But even so, the radio controlled car proceeded forward bit by bit towards the bright light up ahead that was closing in. Even if we ended up going too far, since there were bars in place to stop the car there was no danger of falling. But even so, out of caution we moved the car forward at a slow speed.

"Alright, a little bit further and the visibility should clear up---!".

The changing room was now reflected on the monitor. And although the quality of the image was crude, the figures of Horikita and the others could be seen on the monitor.


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It could be said that Ike's (Professor's) plan had brilliantly succeeded. On the monitor, the figures of the Class D students, as well as Ichinose, were clearly captured. Right now, the radio controlled car should be properly recording it all.

If one looks at the monitor, one can witness them changing their clothes in real time.

"Ohh, show me too, Kanji. I can't see properly".

"You idiot, show me too".

Sudou and Yamauchi, seemingly dissatisfied, presses Ike to show them the monitor too. But if they keep this up, there's no avoiding drawing suspicion from the other boys. I decided to make use of that.