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“I’m just a part-time worker…”

I stealthily made my way to the exit as I watched him finally get the name right. …I already made sure that this store didn’t have a copy of Kurikure 3. By experience, I know that if the package isn’t in the storefront, it’s not in inventory either.

In fact, as I expected, the clerk immediately apologized.

“We sold out of stock for Crystal Cradle 3 yesterday… the next shipment is still unknown.”

“Dammit…! Can nothing else be done…”

Miyamoto-san collapsed in defeat in front of the register. …What is this, a solo performance? The clerk was really flustered in front of the collapsed Miyamoto-san.

“(Alright, time to leave…)”

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While Miyamoto-san was on the ground, I once again made my way to the exit. …I wasn’t able to meet Tendo-san, but it can’t be helped. Since none of the stores had a copy anyway, Tendo-san probably wasn’t able to buy it.

After all…

“(I can just normally give it to her during break time tomorrow!”

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Well, she might be able to buy it from an online auction. However, it’s likely that she’ll face the same problems as today.

Also, after spending all of today looking for the game, if I’m able to give my copy to her… then she’ll definitely be grateful, and she might look at me in a better light!

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“(It’s a bit misleading, but… Tendo-san will be happy too!

I felt a strange sense of accomplishment as I stealthily made my way past Miyamoto-san. Paying careful attention to the register, I walked out of the store with light steps—

“Ah. Amano-kun!”