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Are they going to read each person’s number and write it over there?

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We could have drawn lots beforehand, but it’s more exciting to do it in front of everyone, so this is how it is.

“Then, I’ll have you draw lots in order. First, Phianse Depaltia!”


Starting with the princess. She put her hand in the box that Lingaun holds and takes out a round ball from inside.

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There was a number No. 10 written on it.

“Phianse Depaltia, number 10! The first round of the fifth match.”

“Next! Gellipy Yuli!”

“Ah! ...... Yes! Number 15!”

Places on the tournament table get filled one after another.

“Next, Fu Meday!”

“Yes! ...... Oh, yes, yes! It’s number 12.”

“Next!” Coman Paiper!”

“U, yes... Well, that... It’s number 6.”

And thus, things progressed as it us.

“Next! Rebal Janyne!”

“”””””Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mr. Rebal!””””