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"How about you sit down. I’m meeting up with you of my own accord after all."

It’s been one ye-, no……one and a half years since I’ve heard this man’s voice.

His way of speaking and tone hasn’t changed at all.

Not that I specifically wanted him to anyway.

"I’m not planning on holding a long conversation that requires me to sit down, I have planned on meeting some friends later."

"Friends? Don’t make me laugh. You aren’t capable of such things."

He hasn’t even seen how I live, yet still judges his statement to be true.

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Believing he is absolutely right, that’s typical of him.

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"Whether we talk together now or not will amount to nothing."

"So I can assume that I got a favourable answer? If that’s so, there’s no need to talk anymore. I’m also busy and just got some time in-between to come after all."

He didn’t pay me any attention while arriving at his conclusion.

"I don’t know what the answer you want is."

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"I have prepared the papers for you to drop out. I was talking about it with the headmaster earlier. You just have to say "yes", then we can be done with it."

He saw my intention to gloss it over and went directly to the main topic.

"I see no reason why I should."

"That may be so for you, but I do have some on my own"

He looked at me for the first time.