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“I did not listen carefully.”

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“But you clapped so hard just now?”

“I only felt that Vice President Chang’s speech was pretty neat...”

“He’ll probably reiterate it again later?”

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“He might not repeat it again going by the strangeness of the news conference during the previous stages...”

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Chang You ignored these noises and continued to follow Boss Pei’s instructions to introduce the shortcomings of this phone.

A huge word appeared on the screen. Expensive! “Our cell phone sells for as high as 8,199 yuan. I’ve made a table of comparison to let everyone better understand what can be bought at this price.”

“This price could get you a mid- to high-end Alienware, a relatively good desktop, a relatively cheap set of air conditioner, refrigerator, and washing machine. You might even be able to buy a secondhand car...”

Various products were listed on the screen. Of course, there were no commercial logos on it, but they could definitely know which brand it was if they were to compare the price. They were not cell phones so he was not comparing different specifications.

Chang You spared no effort in introducing the purpose of these items. For example, a secondhand car could fetch people and things around. Moreover, no one would dare touch it while walking on the road because no one knew if a group of big guys holding newspapers would suddenly jump out after touching it.

He worked very hard to complete the task that Boss Pei gave to him. However, the audience below did not take him seriously. They burst into laughter from time to time.

“What the hell do you mean by no one would dare touch a secondhand car on the road? Vice President Chang, wake up, this is not a party but a news conference!”

“I thought that the crosstalk was over, but it apparently did not?”

“Hahahahahaha, Vice President Chang, what are you trying to emphasize listing home appliances and secondhand cars of the same value? Are you trying to say that you can buy a noble OTTO cell phone for the price of a home appliance or a secondhand van? I understand now, it seems like it’s really worth it then!”

“Strange, I thought it was expensive at first, but why do I not feel that way anymore? 8,000 yuan doesn’t seem to be too much now...”

The ‘expensive’ disadvantage was explained in no time. Chang You began to speak about the ‘heaviness’ advantage.

“Our cell phone weighs 247grams. It is in all literal sense a 250-gram machine! Everyone might not have much of a concept how heavy 247 grams is. It is equivalent to a carton of milk or half a bottle of mineral water... or five eggs!

“If you are a girl, you can use this mobile phone as a self-defense weapon when you travel. If you are a man and are bored at home, you can use this phone as fitness equipment!”