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Laughing slightly, the entire student body of Class C began leaving under his command. Class D did nothing but watch that from afar, but just a moment, Karuizawa's expression turned gloomy.

That could not be helped.

During the shipboard exam that took place before the summer vacation, she had fought with the girls from Class C, Manabe and her group. Due to that, her past of 'having been bullied' was revealed. But the only ones who know of that conflict are me and Yukimura. And since said Yukimura's knowledge of it does not extend to her past of having been bullied, it's not anything I'd need to pay special attention to.

For just a brief moment, Manabe turned towards Class D and looked at Karuizawa. But only for the briefest of moments. She immediately averted her eyes and as though nothing had happened, followed Ryuuen.

"They seem to be having problems of their own. To think they'd have to cooperate with Class C".

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It's not like Class D could simply be taken charge of either, but it's still better than Class C I suppose.

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It was also a scene that once again served as a reminder that Ryuuen held his entire class's right to decide in his hands. Looking at that, Katsuragi gives Horikita an advice.

"Since we're allies with you guys from Class D this time I'll give you a warning. Don't underestimate Ryuuen. He can laugh while sliding up to you and leap to attack without warning. You'll suffer severely if you let your guard down".

"I'm grateful for your warning, but from the way you said it I wonder if it comes from your personal experience".

"...I have warned you".

Not going into depth about it, Katsuragi returns to his initial position.

"I wonder if that means he's made a move this early".

A single student from our camp who was staring out at Class B and Class C, whispered that. It was from the girl who conspicuously stood out here that I was curious about earlier.

It was a girl sitting all alone with downcast eyes. In her hands she was gripping a slender cane. No matter who looks at her, the fact that she has trouble walking would have clearly been conveyed.

"She is Sakayanagi Arisu. Since she is disabled she'll be utilizing a chair, I'd like you to understand".