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「…No, it’s okay.」I stopped Ria, as she tried to run towards the girl.

It is true that, right now, there is a strong hatred in her eyes. But there is also a warm and tender light deep in them.

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「I have to avenge mama…!」

As she raised the sword high, she trembled in small increments – finally collapsing on the spot.

「T-Thank goodness…」Ria exhaled a breath of relief.

「I’ll go check on her.」

I approached the girl.

「Ah…」she noticed me.

I deliberately produced loud footsteps so as not to surprise her, and sat down to match her line of sight.

「…Are you alright?」

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When I asked her in a gentle voice, she raised her face, which was mushy with tears.

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「I couldn’t… Even though I have to avenge mama… I’m scared… my hands won’t stop shaking…!」she said, snivelling and choking on her words.

「-What is your name?」

「…… Mi, Millie.」