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Thus, Zhang Yuan gave up his original beliefs, put his members’ futures first, and decided to transfer all of them to other teams.

As for the shortfall in talents... he could figure things out as he went along.

Zhang Yuan walked out of the villa, intending to smoke a cigarette to ease his mind. Just as he put a cigarette in his mouth, he saw Team Leader Su from H4 Club rushing towards him.

“Boss Zhang, is this a convenient time? Can we have a chat?” Team Leader Su looked very anxious.

Zhang Yuan could guess what he was going to say. He kept his cigarette back in its box and nodded. “Alright.”

Both men walked towards the small garden in the villa.

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Team Leader Su looked embarrassed, but after hesitating for a moment, he still spoke up. “Manager Zhang, the other clubs formed a group to buy your members, right? How did that go?”

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Obviously, the H4 Club would be the most nervous about other clubs buying DGE’s members. They had given up everything to buy Huang Wang over, thinking that they would have the best chance of winning the championship title.

Yet, what if the other clubs bought two or three members from DGE simultaneously?

That would be the end of it.

Thus, in a sense, how GOG’s international invitational tournament would turn out depended on how the purchase of DGE’s members had gone.

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After the transactions were complete, the power balance among the various clubs would change significantly. In fact, any training that the clubs could go through before the competition might even be meaningless.

Zhang Yuan smiled. “Team Leader Su, don’t worry.”

He briefly explained Boss Pei’s plan to Team Leader Su. Simply put, everyone paid the same transfer fee for a member from DGE. Price-wise, there was no difference between the clubs. Every team was also sold a member based on their own shortcomings. No team became overwhelmingly stronger compared to the other teams after the transaction.

After hearing this, Team Leader Su was both surprised and thankful.

He was surprised because the clubs’ strengths still remained largely the same on paper, even after the transaction. The H4 Club also had a strong foundation. If they could work harder on their teamwork during this period, they could still stand a good chance to win the championship.