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Grabbing a nodding Sakura, I headed back down the path we came from. The time we were exposed to the rain was less than a minute but since it had rained heavily it seems Sakura's clothes were completely soaked. I could see even her hair was drenched.

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"Unlucky...are you ok, Sakura?".

"I-I'm fine, what about Ayanokouji-kun?".

"I'm fine too".

I sighed slightly while watching the rain which only intensified. What terrible timing the rain had.

"Please use this if you'd like".

Hesitantly, Sakura hands over a handkerchief to me. I remembered that handkerchief. It's the same one lent back during the uninhabited island.

"I'm fine, please use it yourself. You'll catch a cold" I told her.

I can't wipe myself off first, not when a girl's drenched in front of me. But even so, Sakura stood on her tiptoes and used that handkerchief to wipe raindrops off my soaked hair. Carried by the smell of the rain, I could smell Sakura's scent tickling my nose.

"I'm surprisingly sturdy" she said as she wiped the raindrops off my hair, and then from my neck.

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I snuck a glance at Sakura, who was standing by my side silently. I could somehow understand what Yamauchi is aiming for now, I felt like. Right now it's in the middle of summer vacation and we were both in our casual clothes, but if this were her school uniform it might have been an excellent situation. The rain falling accident did happen, but that too could be considered an event.

A suddenly falling rain. The two of us panicking and running towards a roof to hide under. And without stopping...we'd talk until slowly but surely we run out of topics. And our line of sight would intertwine, and we could hear each other exhaling. It's a sort of scene men fantasize about.

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But for some reason, inside my head, for a moment I could see that. What Yamauchi desired. This may be a feeling analogous to that.

"I wonder if it'll stop soon...?".

"I looked it up on my phone just now but, it seems to be just a passing shower. If we wait a bit it should stop".

"I see..."