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Therefore, Pei Qian quickly divided the players, and the price was basically not much different from Huang Wang’s offer by then. The positions most needed by each club were reinforced, and each club did not finish their budgets.

The SUG club, especially, only spent seven million yuan out of the 25 million yuan.

Pei Qian had only received 800,000 yuan x 7 = 5.6 million yuan for transfer fees.

Pei Qian handed over the final distribution method and contract amount to the club managers. “Just do it according to this.”

The club managers were all dumbfounded, looking at the amounts.

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What did that mean? Why was the final price set by Boss Pei much cheaper than what we expected?

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What is Boss Pei doing?

We were all prepared for heavy bleed out, and yet that was all Boss Pei had to it?

Many clubs were not particularly satisfied with the result of this distribution. For example, SUG was determined to obtain Jiang Huan at first, but now they could not buy him even if they had the money.

However, these managers accepted this result in no time.

That was because it was not necessarily the best for every club, but it was not the worst result as well.

Every club strengthened its positions without spending too much money. Everyone had prepared a lot of money, but it did not mean they had to spend it all. It was best to save some.

They could not force the case since Boss Pei had spoken. They would only accept this result.

Boss Pei was not only the owner of the DGE Club but also the owner of GOG after all. The right to host all future events—including transfer rules of various clubs, etc.—would all be from Boss Pei.

Going up against Boss Pei would mean an early death, wouldn’t it?

Pei Qian felt drained having it all arranged. He stood up. “Everyone, please sign the contract. However, there is one thing I have to say. All our players are treasures. I don’t want to hear that they have been bullied at your clubs.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it at that.”