How to make money online chat room

How to make money online chat room

What? Are you getting jealous, Fu?

Then, with such an expression, Rebal looked at me this time and sighed.

“Earth... a little...... you seem to have returned to how you were back then.”

“Ah? What’s this, all of a sudden...”

“I understand. Princess Phianse’s feelings...... But, even so I thought I am as I am.... I said that, but...”

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What’s with the sudden sad face? What? He suddenly looks disappointed.

No way, did he lose the will to fight before we fight each other?

But that’s...

“But still I’ll show you. My power. My feelings. Earth...... today, you’ll be my stepping stone!”

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Seems my concern was unnecessary. Right from the start, there was no reluctance... no, even more unpleasant fighting spirit is released at the moment.

“Heh, I’m excited too, so I hope you don’t slip and fall off.”

“As usual, only big talk!”

Then, I also prepare to attack without hesitation.