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How to do this online part-time money is cheated

Pei Qian became energetic immediately upon hearing it.

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Such a universal failure experience? I have to listen well then!

Qiu Hong deliberately paused and said, “This failure factor is... intervention by the boss or other external forces!”

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Pei Qian: “?”

Qiu Hong did not notice ‘Ma Yang’s’ blank expression. He had completely fallen into the heart-wrenching confession state like before. “This one is all tears.

“People in the game industry have a simple dream before entering it: that is just to make something fun for the players. Even if it was just a game with paywalls for these clients to recharge. Our work will not be in vain as long as they are happy.

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“However, this society is not that simple because a game is not something that one person can make. You have to go to the office, face all sorts of office politics, choose your sides, and maintain good relationships with others. Otherwise, no matter how good the project prospects are, it is no use if you cannot obtain resources.

“When doing administrative planning, you have to listen to function planning, right? When doing function planning, you have to listen to the chief planner, right? When you finally become the chief planner, you have to listen to the producers, right? Even when you become the producer, you would still have to listen to investors, right?

“When you really become an investor, you have to listen to the market voice, listen to money... because you are not willing to make ducks and drakes of your own money!

“See, you might have your own thinking, but you cannot guarantee that anyone that has command over you has the same thinking as

“This is an external intervention. Think about it, a good idea is changed by the producer, then by your boss, and finally by the investors. When it is about to be publicized, the channel dealer asks you to change it again...

“Changing here and there, and you yourself will not be able to recognize it.”

Pei Qian listened silently with a blank expression on his face. It sounded like a very nice scene.

How I wish that someone can help me with messing up the project and make the project prospects bleak...

However, Boss Pei had no one here to mess it up. He had the final say in everything.

Boss Pei even tried to butt in often with his subordinates. However, the problem was that he butted in so often, but the project did not fail! The more he butted in, the more successful it became...

So what the hell are you talking about?! Could it be that my method of butting in is wrong?