What kind of gambling group is made online

What kind of gambling group is made online

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And the next moment,


He swung his right arm at an indiscernible speed, and tore through the tempered glass like tearing through a piece of paper.


After escaping without any difficulty, he stretched his body greatly.

(As I expected, this person is pretty strong.)

I heard that No.18-san used disposable chopsticks as a makeshift sword to cut iron bars, but…

Sebas-san smashed tempered glass with his bare hands.

「T-This glass is crazy expensive, you know…」

Clown-san dropped his shoulders and looked at the broken pieces of glass on the floor with a pained expression.

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In that situation, Sebas-san turned towards me.

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「It’s only been a few months, but, Allen, you seem to have pushed further through the “inhuman path”. You are quite something to still remain sane even with that much power.」he said, shrugging his shoulders, seeming astounded for some reason.

(Now that I think about it, I feel like I’ve been told the same thing before. Perhaps this person knows about Zeon?)