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『...... Hmmm!?? This one... ah...... Hiro’s progeny... was but a toddler, but now a little grown-up and resembles Hiro.』 [1]

“No, who are you!! Why are you here?”

『...... What?』

Wait, why are you surprised?

Moreover, he’s not human!

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Long, silver hair. Sharp and majestic devil horns that extend from the head.

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The medieval beauty form that could be as both man and woman with a suspicious pattern engraved around the eyes.

A mysterious demon dressed in a purple robe that covers the whole body.

I raised my voice and prepared myself.

『...... Oi...... well, I never... child...』


『Can you hear my voice? Do you recognize my presence?』

“W-What the hell are you saying! Wait, how did you get into this room? Are you a demon? A robber!?”

『What!? How has this occurred... by no means..... has something changed in my fifteen years of solitude?』

Fifteen years? What’s this guy talking about? No matter how you think about it, he doesn’t seem to be tangible, and yet I feel a strange presence.

This guy isn’t normal!

“Little man... you’re noisy. Did you actually try to pull out the sword?”

“Sadiz! Watch out, there’s some strange guy here!”