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Do you make a short video online?

“It's Mississippi Steel,” was the answer.

Montague turned and stared at him. “Mississippi Steel!” he gasped.

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“Why, yes,” said Oliver. “What's that to you?” he added, in perplexity.

“Mississippi Steel!” Montague ejaculated again. “Why, didn't you know about my relations with the Northern Mississippi Railroad?”

“Of course,” said Oliver; “but what's that got to do with Mississippi Steel?”

“But it's Price who is managing the deal—the man who owns the Mississippi Steel Company!”

“Oh,” said the other, “I had forgotten that.” Oliver's duties in Society did not give him much time to ask about his brother's affairs.

“Allan,” he added quickly, “you won't say anything about it!”

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“It's none of my business now,” answered the other. “I'm out of it. But naturally I am interested to know. What is it—a raid on the stock?”

“It's going down,” said Oliver.

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Montague sat staring ahead of him. “It must be the Steel Trust,” he whispered, half to himself.

“Nothing more likely,” was the reply. “My tip comes from that direction.”

“Do you suppose they are going to try to break Price?”

“I don't know; I guess they could do it if they made up their mind to.”

“But he owns a majority of the stock!” said Montague. “They can't take it away from him outright.”