Questionnaire investigation

Questionnaire investigation

“Oh... If he rampages with such power...”

『Not so.』


『Why do you think, with all that strength, he was buried from knowledge? If I had known that a man of such power existed, I would have made him a senior executive of the Demon King’s Army with exceptional treatment.』

I couldn’t answer that question. Then, with a sad look, Tre’ainar looked towards the rampaging Aka...

『He is probably a former Demon King soldier, but... all through his life, never unleashed himself in a fit of rage.... without using that power in a flashy manner...... he is not one to lose himself in instinctual violence... somehow continually supporting his livelihood, it seems... somewhere without divergence...... after the war, endured on his own and lived quietly.』


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『He is certainly an ogre. The fate of the race cannot be reversed. But still... after all, that ogre might have had a special heart. But that too...... stupid ones have ruined everything.』

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I see. He had that much power.

To be clear, more than anyone I’ve ever come across except my father, his power evokes an overwhelming chill.

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If he feels like it, he could do anything.

He could easily destroy or rule over one or two cities.