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Nothing much could be done about this. In order to make their food tasty, many restaurants added a lot of additives and flavoring. After all, customers who ordered take-out could not be too concerned about their health. They probably only cared about the food’s taste.

If they thought the food was too bland and boring, they probably would not order from the same restaurant again. In order to make the food genuinely healthy, restaurants would have to use fresh ingredients. Apart from that, chefs would need to have solid skills. Lastly, customers would have to be willing to pay the inevitably higher price.

Thus, despite staying in Shanghai for such a long time, Ruan Guangjian had only had a few ‘healthy’ take-out meals. Even then, hardly any of those meals tasted like healthy, home-cooked food… like the set meal in front of him at that moment.

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Ruan Guangjian curiously asked, “How much did this set cost?”

Li Yada answered, “Employees don’t have to pay for these meals, but outsiders would pay about twenty yuan.”

Ruan Guangjian could not help but feel emotional. “That’s not expensive. Do we get to keep the cutlery?”

Li Yada shook her head. “Of course not. Someone would be sent to collect them and disinfect them.”

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Ruan Guangjian looked even more shocked. “That means the meal really isn’t expensive! Can the restaurant really recover its costs by only collecting twenty-odd yuan per meal?” Li Yada smiled. “Fish-Catching Take-Out has been incurring loss all this while. Boss Pei has been funding the business out-of-pocket.

“However, based on the money spent on ingredients and capital, the business should be a profitable one. It’s just that it’s very small-scale now, and few people place orders. That’s why the company is still incurring losses.

“Perhaps it will generate profits in the future. We can’t be sure.”

“I think that Boss Pei purely intended for this company to provide benefits for his employees. It’s just like the way schools subsidize students’ meals in the canteen.” Ruan Guangjian continued eating his food in silence.

Once everyone had finished their meals, they gathered the cutlery and placed them on the front desk. Then, they went back to their respective workspaces to watch shows or take afternoon naps.

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Li Yada did not have the habit of taking naps so she started chatting with Ruan Guangjian.

Ruan Guangjian asked about Jingzhou’s rent and daily living expenses once again. The more they spoke, the more envious he became.

Jingzhou was a second-tier city after all. The living expenses here were of a whole different tier compared to in Shanghai. Naturally, Ruan Guangjian found everything cheap.

Li Yada talked about Upwind Logistics, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, ROF’s computer-installation business, and the like. It was obvious from the way she spoke that she was very proud of Tengda Corporation.

Ruan Guangjian listened without saying a thing. At last, he said nothing in response.