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“They’re all descriptions of the world? My head is hurting just reading this.”

“A novel of this standard made it to the homepage? What kind of rubbish website is this?”

“Repent and be Saved? What a nonsensical name! I don’t know what it’s driving at!”

“I strongly suspect that this is an insider’s publication. So many other books are much better than this, but they’re placed in much worse spots.”

“If it was written by an insider, this proves that the website would not have a future!”

Repent and be Saved was still in the research and development stage. There was no news about it as well. That was why they did not advertise on Zhongdian Chinese Network that this book was written for the game, Repent and be Saved. The novel could not ride on any of Tengda Games’ glory.

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Ma Yiqun and Zhu Xingan’s intention was to upload the official novel for their own entertainment. At the same time, they wanted to get feedback from potential players.

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Mindless fans of Tengda might praise the designs without thinking much about it. Then, Ma Yiqun and Zhu Xingan might let the praise go to their heads and fail to maintain an objective view. This might affect subsequent plot planning endeavors.

In the end, the readers’ feedback could not be more realistic.

Pei Qian read the first two chapters of the novel and found that the readers were right to criticize it. Zhu Xingan and Ma Yiqun had not been wronged at all.

Zhu Xingan had written this novel. The others only had to raise ideas and suggestions.

Since Ma Yiqun had to run the website, he did not have time to write novels. What’s more, he felt that he had been more deeply influenced by online literature and was more likely to digress from the topic. Thus, he handed the task to Zhu Xingan.

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On the other hand, Zhu Xingan had no foundation in writing online literature. As he wrote the official novel about the game’s world, he naturally gravitated towards the plots of foreign games, including foreign AAA games’ original novels, official serial publications, and the like.

Everything was very confusing and impossible to unravel.

There was no problem using his writings as the plot plan for the game. However, they were far from deserving of being uploaded to a website for online literature.

The fact that this official novel had been placed on Zhongdian Chinese Network’s homepage also turned many readers away.

Many new readers would first click on the books displayed on the homepage upon arriving at the website. This was because they normally represented the highest standard of the books in it.

When they read the book, they discovered this was the standard.

Of course, they would leave at once and never return.