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Lin Wan nodded subconsciously.

The reason why Dayak Corporation was so notorious in the gaming circle was because they displayed the ruthlessness of investment to the extreme.

They bought over many game companies with potential, quickly overdrawing and squeezing out all their potential. That process destroyed many outstanding games companies.

This showed that Dayak Corporation was indeed an investment company that only cared about immediate gains, not long-term interests. There was indeed a very high possibility of Dayak Corporation giving up and stopping their losses if the market share of Finger Games continued to decline and burned money like a bottomless pit without producing any results.

Eric said, “My last question is: Boss Pei, you said that you would use all of your funds to market GOG. However, the problem is that with Tengda’s current size, doing so would definitely put huge pressure on your capital. If there are any uncertain factors, it could cause huge losses and drag down the entire organization.”

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“Boss Pei, where did your courage come from?”

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Pei Qian remained silent for a moment and sighed. “My luck has always been good.”

That seemed to be a very empty answer, but Eric did not feel dissatisfied. Instead, he fell into deep thought.

A moment later, he smiled and raised his glass. “Boss Pei, I think we have all obtained the information we wanted. Let me toast you.”

Pei Qian raised his glass and smiled. “Mr Eric, I hope we can meet again if fate allows it.”

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After the meal, at the entrance of the Great World...

Everyone from Tengda watched Eric leave.

Pei Qian could not tell what kind of information Eric would be able to summarize from his own words. He was only sure of one thing: their topic was always on burning money.

As long as Eric could influence the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation to continue burning money happily after he returned, that would be enough. Nothing else mattered.

“Boss Pei, do we need to coordinate with Shang Yang Games?” Lin Wan probed.

Pei Qian shook his head. “There’s no need. Everyone has worked hard today. Go back and rest.”

Little Sun was already waiting in the car. Pei Qian had a few drinks at the dining table and was naturally a little sleepy in the afternoon. Thus, after bidding everyone farewell, he took the car back to rest.