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“It’s not like that……”

Of course, that’s not the answer that Satō was hoping for. She became a little depressed.

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However, the location of the library was a bit troublesome. I whispered to avoid disturbing other students, ultimately making the distance between me and Satō unexpectedly close. I could just barely feel Satō's breathing.

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Perhaps this can be classified as one of the precious scenes of youth? If so, youth may be an unexpectedly harsh thing since this situation is not a happy one for me at all. I feel unnecessarily nervous, and can’t help but worry about Satō. I’m speculating on her feelings and choosing my words carefully to respond to her emotions.

The single thing that I desire the most right now is to go back home soon.

No, is that really the case?

I calmed down a little and began to rethink the situation.

I'm at a loss when it comes to things that I haven't experienced before. It's too abstract a feeling to be classified as "in love" and there isn’t a clear answer for it. From my perspective of living in a world of zero or one in the past, it's only natural for my immediate reaction to be rejection.

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But didn't I come to this school looking for something other than zero or one?

“Everyone is so serious, using the library and everything.”

“It’s pretty routine to hold study sessions here.”

By chance, Horikita heard what Satō said and responded on her own.

I regained my composure and put these thoughts out of my mind. For now, let’s concentrate on overcoming this study session safely.

Horikita, who had visited the library yesterday, didn’t seem surprised at its current state of things.

“You two, spare me from the commotion like the one you made yesterday. Today you might not just get away with a warning; there’s a chance that you’ll be kicked out of the library.”

“I know, I know.”

Horikita found a vacant seat while admonishing the two problem children, Ike and Yamauchi. Although more than half of the seats are empty, that doesn’t mean you can sit anywhere you’d like.

It seems to be a common phenomenon in every school, where the space available to the upperclassmen is separate from the underclassmen. It had become an unspoken rule that the seats next to the windows with the nice view, and the seats in the cafe near the free drinks were priority seats for the senior students.