Ways to make money online casual games

Ways to make money online casual games

...... Really?

『No, hold on. Tis wrong. I have nothing to do with this.... Or rather, apologies. I cannot even process anything right now. Please give little time...』

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When I asked the person whose image the statue was of, Tre’ainar, the person in question, was holding his head and pondering something.

Yes, on the altar was a statue of a person resembling Tre’ainar.

“Well... on to the next.”

“Eh? ah, well, already? I mean, where?”

The High Priestess told us to go to the “next” without giving us time to think about the situation.

I mean, what’s next?

“What, it’s close by.... a facility right across from this church.... is a dojo where thou can learn about the work of the Founder God....”

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“D, dojo?”

“Um. The Arcane True Zenith Dojo...... Conarmy City Headquarters. By the way, there are various branches, such as The Gord branch, Zabers branch, Mechros branch, and so on.... Well, come along.”

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That said, I’m the one who’s been pushed around from the beginning.

Even Tre’ainar is still holding his head.

After all, what is this woman all about?

But all I can say for the time being is... as I stepped into the dojo and the atmosphere of the dojo...... no, I saw the ‘equipment’ installed in the dojo that Tre’ainar had never seen before... my tension was elevated and once again I’m about to train.

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