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「I guess I’ll have to put a little more effort into scaring you though…」

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For some reason the president and senpais were full of motivation.

「…Well, president. It’s about time.」

Looking at the clock, it was five minutes before the end of lunch break.

「Mou, time flies by when you’re having fun. Well then, Allen-kun, Ria-san, and Rose-san. See you tomorrow.」

After the regular meeting at lunch, we left the student council room and headed for the afternoon class.

After completing the afternoon classes, we returned to the classroom.

「Fuu… It was a good training.」

「Yes, I guess. My body feels beat up all over.」

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「Leia-sensei’s classes are quite hard.」

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As I was chatting idly with Ria and Rose, and preparing to return home – the doors of the classroom were opened vigorously.

「-Everyone, you did well through the tough classes today! It’s the last homeroom, but… No announcements! You can go home!」

Leia-sensei finished the last homeroom briefly, and