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This guy! Beyond my dynamic vision and prediction!?

“What the!”

It’s dangerous. I need to keep a distance.

However, I got hit so easily.

In training with Tre’ainar, I don’t react after seeing it, but I trained to look ahead to the other person’s shoulders, muscles, eyes, legs, and everything, but I didn’t realize Rival started moving.

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『Even with the child’s pre-reading, there is a slight delay in the reaction... A thrust which has eliminated all useless power and habits...... It must have been gained through much harsh training and many bloody battles.』

「But if it’s training, I’ve done as much...」

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『Two months... and most of all, the child has never truly experienced ‘actual battle’. No matter how much you continue to spar, the actual battle is still different. For the child who has yet to experience an exchange with life on the line in the truest sense of the word...... is an opponent who has entered the zone not a little arduous?』

It’s a heavy load for me. Tre’ainar’s words weigh heavily on me, but Rebal chases after me unaware of my situation.

I tried to keep my distance in the backstep, and I immediately gained some room.

“Imperial Sword, 【Flash Meteor Blade】!!”

A series of attacks. A high-speed slash attack that gives the illusion of multiple swords being drawn out at the same time.

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This is clearly faster than the previous technique!

In the peripheral field of view, the angle of the hand, the handle, the movement of the arm, somehow evade.... evade...... I can’t!