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Even from afar, I could see her resolve to not lose against Horikita no matter what.

"I wonder if Ibuki-chan's good at sports?".

"Hell if I know. There's no mistaking though that Horikita's going to be the winner".

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There's no way the other boys could have known but Ibuki is highly athletic. I only have the bare minimum knowledge but I cannot say with certainty who's going to win between them.

At the same time as the starting signal, seven girls shot forth. Between the two I had been paying attention to, the one who had the better start was Ibuki. There had been a slight delay in Horikita's reaction and she lagged behind.

But she immediately accelerates, and with a beautiful form she catches up to Ibuki. On the other hand, Ibuki had succeeded in gaining a headstart but perhaps she got curious about Horikita, who ran beside her, as she became distracted looking back. Due to that, their distance lessened and perfectly seizing the middle position and without being shaken off or leaving, she kept that position and continued.

Then, nearing endgame, I could see Ibuki's expression stiffening. As they lined up side-by-side, almost indistinctly Horikita took the lead. It was by a narrow margin, but giving off a feeling of self-confidence, Horikita ended up taking 1st place.

"Is this bad.....?".

That whispered premonition of Sudou's turned out to have hit the mark. It was truly bit by bit, but the distance between Horikita, who had the lead, and Ibuki, slowly decreased.

In response to Horikita, who tried to shake her off, Ibuki drew ever closer.

The one who cut through the goal tape first was Horikita.

After the big match that no one would've considered strange even if it required a video to make the call, the audience went into a slight uproar.

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Beside Horikita, who was catching her breath, Ibuki kicked the ground in frustration. But I feel like if she hadn't been so worried about Horikita, then then ranking may have been different.

A slight gap in her awareness was the cause of victory.

"But even so, it was a match the two of them dominated".

Sudou, who was watching Horikita after she had finished running, also felt the same way. Leaving aside her evenly matched race against Ibuki, the other 4 girls excluding Class D honestly were of a pretty low level.

After the completion of the 100 meter dash for the 1st years, we report our results to each other.

The ones who boasted high athletic abilities like Sudou or Horikita as well as Hirata, managed to secure 1st place. However, on the other hand, I could see that the main body of the class that were expected to win had ranked badly and had an unsatisfying start.