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Grown up voices. Perhaps the Imperial Knights are chatting.

They were talking about me without knowing I was listening.

“Well, the child of the Hero is not a hero.”

“The princess is exceptional, but... ultimately, the level of the generation below us is still lacking. Well, it’s also proof that we’re living in peaceful times.”

“This year’s Academy Graduation Match will be attended by royalty from other countries. I’m worried that they will be disappointed when they see the incompetence of Lord Hiro’s son.”

“Even though he is the son of Lord Hiro, his writing and practical skills put him in second place. It’s shameful that he can’t take first place even once.”

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“That’s true. And the second place is also a problem. It’s because ‘those two’ aren’t here.”

“Oh, them. ‘Those two’, who are currently studying abroad have already fully demonstrated their talents and were awarded medals by the King of another country the other day, right?”

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“Yes, it is. In other words, Lord Hiro’s son being second in the absence of ‘those two’...... actually places him in fourth, so disappointing.”

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I heard this kind of talk in many places.

When I was a child, I was able to get perfect scores on tests and show better magic than others, hence they would always say “as expected of the Son of the hero, Hiro.”

Then, at 13 years old, I joined the Academy and competed with others for the ranking.